I have reached this stage
After a long long wait
So lovely and exciting
So peaceful and great

I wasted hours
A lot of them
Delicate as glass
Always stuck to my hem

But as i go closer
The bow fades
The flowers have wilted
The leaves all shed

Was this what i was yearning for?
Didn’t seem so from a distance
This delusion haunts me
A cruel existence.

Easier said than done

I would love to know that you know what I mean but I know that you don’t know me and my shitty little musings. So read this as food for thought and if it makes no sense, forget it and take a bath

A lump formed, I forced it down.
A wave rushed over, I didn’t drown.
The bodycon was better but I wore the gown,
The audience booed, I gave up my crown.

The poison found way till my tongue,
The air held its ground in my lungs,
I felt all the bruises where I’d been stung,
I knew the lyrics, but I couldn’t have sung.

They laughed when I was wrong
And got annoyed when I spoke.
No, actually, they were jealous when I was right
And happy when I choked.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t think about them!”
It’s ALWAYS easier said than done
While grabbing the throat, you also grab the phlegm
Get into it and you’d rather run!

Not the warmth, not the ice

In winter, on a tuesday night
I was travelling in a train
No hint of light
I was sleeping on a rigid berth
The mattress was torn
And the corners, full of girth
Oh! I totally hated it there
Didn’t sleep all night
So much heat! I couldn’t bear
I just wanted to get off the train
Walk with the wind in my face
And my hair drenched in rain
As soon as i got off the train
And i tried to step on the ice
I froze from my toe to my brain
I was helpless, i couldn’t stand precise
It was so cold and there was no hearth
The train was gone and i missed the berth

To you (2)

There’s dark and confusion
And there’s lots of cold.
Happiness is just a delusion
But that’s what I’m trying to behold.

When the lights go off
And the place is haunted.
Even the truth is dubious
And seems so enchanted.

I turn to my heart’s deepest corner,
The one preserved just in your honour
Where comfort blankets me and joy closes my eyes
I sleep sound in the brightest sunrise.

My best friends

These walls heard me when no one else could
They supported me when no one else would
Behind all this paint and all of this wood
Lies gallons of pain, truth and solitude

These walls have seen happiness and pain
Have sheltered me in droughts and rain
They encouraged me to stand back and fight
Have always been a guiding light

They’ve acted as projecting screens for my dreams
As monitors to complete my drama scenes
They cuddled me when i needed it the most
Have become walk throughs to scare me with ghosts

These are my best friends of all out there
For with them a part of my soul i share
And also because they always heard
Every single thing till the every last word.

Act as if

Scared, insecure
Afraid to leave the spot?
“Act as if” they say
Act as if you’re not!

Make eye contact
Take larger steps
Project your voice
“Act as if”

Be bold, speak your heart
Die your hair,
Try to look smart
You are perfect
Just act as if

Be aware of everything around
Anything cool’s up? Do it profound
Raise your hand in class
Act as if

If only you could peek inside
Seek the invisible
That I’m trying to hide

The scared and the insecure
Acting as if me
Will be all you could see

Ironic tho, isn’t it?
The only time I’m not acting as if
Is with this pen
Letting go of ink
Sitting with paper on the bink

Although words terrify me
To speak and to think
To write down
I wish they didn’t

I’m here now
Letting them out
Freeing my words
Building better walls

Do what you can do the best
Why even care about the rest?
For you may never find out
How your deeds bring a change about.

Without a mask

Be careful who you pretend to be
You might forget who you really are
Show the true yourself to the world you see
Not everyone will want you to play a guitar

It’s okay if you don’t fit in the coolest group
You will definitely get the desired limelight
But there will always be a loophole
Cuz you will never get the desired delight.

Human nature is so diverse
You can be funny or strict or any other kind
Why then stick to a particular verse
Which people thought was the perfect design?

You can wear a mask and run away from truth
But mind you dear human wit
Truth is a pup running behind your foot
Who will stop running if you face it!

Your imperfections are totally wonderful
They will help you make it through
Cuz they make you perfect for someone
Yes, they do!

And now my dear humans
I would like to ask
Don’t you think you are better
Without a mask?

God purposefully made us all different from each other and all of us have different roles to play in the society but if we pretend to be someone whom we aren’t and imitate others just to fit in, the beautiful versitality of human behaviour will be lost.

We must accept each other and most importantly ourselves as who we are and become the best version of it, the world will definitely become a better place to live in!

The other way round

You said, I was always on the wrong
I always chose the bitter song
I didn’t even have a count of my mistakes
Cuz I knew numbers few and the list was so long!

I didn’t show up until the cafe closed
I didn’t even smile when you posed
I was a total maniac
Bit you with my coldness right when it snowed

There were a 100 times when I lied
Stung you with pines on my hide
You were totally tired of my tantrums
And that no one could ever be by my side

I wrecked you, ruined your life
I couldn’t make it through, chose the wrong stride
I broke something as precious as you
I pierced your heart with a knife.

But, you know what? I tried! I tried hard!!
I did think before playing each card
But it still didn’t work out
Probably you didn’t work just as hard

Accepted ! I wasn’t worth it!
But you didn’t necessarily have to say it
You could’ve stayed shut, given me time!
For all I know, you had greater wit.

In me, a 100 wrongs you found
Even at times I was sure I was profound
But you didn’t even give a single thought
That it could have been the other way round!

So buddy, bottom line – If you always keep counting the other person’s mistakes and blame someone else for everything that is going wrong, you will only break hearts, try to consider your own actions and understand other people’s problems as well! Only then will any of your relations with people be meaningful. TPWK!!!