Easier said than done

I would love to know that you know what I mean but I know that you don’t know me and my shitty little musings. So read this as food for thought and if it makes no sense, forget it and take a bath

A lump formed, I forced it down.
A wave rushed over, I didn’t drown.
The bodycon was better but I wore the gown,
The audience booed, I gave up my crown.

The poison found way till my tongue,
The air held its ground in my lungs,
I felt all the bruises where I’d been stung,
I knew the lyrics, but I couldn’t have sung.

They laughed when I was wrong
And got annoyed when I spoke.
No, actually, they were jealous when I was right
And happy when I choked.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t think about them!”
It’s ALWAYS easier said than done
While grabbing the throat, you also grab the phlegm
Get into it and you’d rather run!

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