Act as if

Scared, insecure
Afraid to leave the spot?
“Act as if” they say
Act as if you’re not!

Make eye contact
Take larger steps
Project your voice
“Act as if”

Be bold, speak your heart
Die your hair,
Try to look smart
You are perfect
Just act as if

Be aware of everything around
Anything cool’s up? Do it profound
Raise your hand in class
Act as if

If only you could peek inside
Seek the invisible
That I’m trying to hide

The scared and the insecure
Acting as if me
Will be all you could see

Ironic tho, isn’t it?
The only time I’m not acting as if
Is with this pen
Letting go of ink
Sitting with paper on the bink

Although words terrify me
To speak and to think
To write down
I wish they didn’t

I’m here now
Letting them out
Freeing my words
Building better walls

Do what you can do the best
Why even care about the rest?
For you may never find out
How your deeds bring a change about.

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