Without a mask

Be careful who you pretend to be
You might forget who you really are
Show the true yourself to the world you see
Not everyone will want you to play a guitar

It’s okay if you don’t fit in the coolest group
You will definitely get the desired limelight
But there will always be a loophole
Cuz you will never get the desired delight.

Human nature is so diverse
You can be funny or strict or any other kind
Why then stick to a particular verse
Which people thought was the perfect design?

You can wear a mask and run away from truth
But mind you dear human wit
Truth is a pup running behind your foot
Who will stop running if you face it!

Your imperfections are totally wonderful
They will help you make it through
Cuz they make you perfect for someone
Yes, they do!

And now my dear humans
I would like to ask
Don’t you think you are better
Without a mask?

God purposefully made us all different from each other and all of us have different roles to play in the society but if we pretend to be someone whom we aren’t and imitate others just to fit in, the beautiful versitality of human behaviour will be lost.

We must accept each other and most importantly ourselves as who we are and become the best version of it, the world will definitely become a better place to live in!

11 thoughts on “Without a mask

  1. We all are different and very unique..God has made us in that way and we are ought to appreciate that , Mitali.
    Thanks for your kind follow.
    It was nice reading your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing! You are absolutely right! Being raw and being real self is so much important! Being like someone else just to be liked by others is not right… I must say even if someone tries to be someone else one day or the other reality will come because it takes so much efforts to be like someone else..

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