The other way round

You said, I was always on the wrong
I always chose the bitter song
I didn’t even have a count of my mistakes
Cuz I knew numbers few and the list was so long!

I didn’t show up until the cafe closed
I didn’t even smile when you posed
I was a total maniac
Bit you with my coldness right when it snowed

There were a 100 times when I lied
Stung you with pines on my hide
You were totally tired of my tantrums
And that no one could ever be by my side

I wrecked you, ruined your life
I couldn’t make it through, chose the wrong stride
I broke something as precious as you
I pierced your heart with a knife.

But, you know what? I tried! I tried hard!!
I did think before playing each card
But it still didn’t work out
Probably you didn’t work just as hard

Accepted ! I wasn’t worth it!
But you didn’t necessarily have to say it
You could’ve stayed shut, given me time!
For all I know, you had greater wit.

In me, a 100 wrongs you found
Even at times I was sure I was profound
But you didn’t even give a single thought
That it could have been the other way round!

So buddy, bottom line – If you always keep counting the other person’s mistakes and blame someone else for everything that is going wrong, you will only break hearts, try to consider your own actions and understand other people’s problems as well! Only then will any of your relations with people be meaningful. TPWK!!!

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