Nirbhaya : The fearless one

Some words don’t speak😓

The very popular and completely unforgettable incident which moved india completely and made it open its eyes; Nirbhaya is here !!

Never hoped a movie will end with another end
Had never thought mankind would so much bend
They kicked, slapped, roared with laughter while they drained
All my happiness and bought me only pain
Removed every covering in which I was draped
They sucked my tears, spoilt my shape
Well the world calls it just a rape !!

Been filled completely with the life of the pie
When I had never thought that admiring his life, mine would die
I stepped into the bus of death
The biggest mistake I had ever made
Grinned at the driver, who had too much of hate
To end in the walls of misanthrope was my fate
But they call it just a rape !!

They bashed, whacked, stroke and hit me with their filth
But I still didn’t choose to lie there in stilth
I rose from envy dashed them out of rage
But their mere presence made me ask myself
“Why do victories the path of evils chase ?”
Still, being killed by dangerous, ruthless, bewildered apes
Is called just a rape !!

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