Lost in a book


When I have a book in my hand, I lose the track of the world. The air seems still and so does the world. It is just me with my bespectacled eyes staring into my treasure!!

The smell of the pages
The essence of the words
The feeling of a book
Is more free than that of being a bird

Having ink in your blood
Having a scent of literature
Being lost in a book
Is the best place be lost ; I consider

Travelling through a journey of love
Feeling more peaceful than a dove
Celebrating each moment
Inside the warmth of its gloves

Drinking a word on each hiccup
Swallowing warm phrases after each cough
Having a wholesome meal of books
And then giving off burps !!

Books create enchantments
They let you in a new world
Love they embody
Even if in a form, the most absurd.

So if I ever say that I love you the most,

It means that I mistook
You to be a book๐Ÿ˜œ

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