The most wicked thing of the world

He dumped me, cut me into pieces
He bashed me, fed me to leeches
He didn’t pick up my single call
He laughed, and said, “Yeah ! I love it when you fall”

I still remember those nights I spent
When we had slept protecting each other
In a single tent
When my sorrow would become the reason for his tears
When my joy was always followed by his cheers
I loved him soothing my soul on my lips
A hand in my bushy hair
Another on my hips

He was ready to fight the World for me
Was ready to face any catastrophe
When he told me “I will kill anyone who even dares
To damage a single of my hair “

I cry through the nights
I am ensnared by fright
I light candles, never switch on lights

Please friends let this never come
Into your life and make it humdrum
It will mar your life, kill its spirit
It will never make you happy. Will it?

This little wicked thing
It spoilt my life
It broke me, it cut my wings
Through its cunning eyes, it only blinked
But it was more than enough to throw my relation ring
Yes, my friends it was misunderstanding!!

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