I am a potter head

This post is just for true potterheads ✌✌

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light ~ Albus Dumbledore

Whenever I feel low, I hear people taunting me or I regret my choices or whenever my workload increases so much that I literally feel depressed I feel the easiest to connect my situation to the wizarding world.

I get reminded of all the happy moments, the common room celebrations and the true friendly acts, and most frequently this great quote echoes in my ears and I try to look at the optimistic side even if there’s none present

One of my best friends who is so comical, so lively and cute and the biggest potterhead shared with me about herself feeling very low. She felt her spirits shrinking, her mind degenerating and herself falling into nothingness.

And to be honest I feel just the same currently, I feel that my life is full of only pure vacancy, the reason being, I am occupied by work at all times. “Weird“, things turn out to be at times. Don’t they?

But just before I was about to tell her this I gathered myself together and asked myself that ” Why had my friend counted me worthy to share this?” because she wanted someone to make her feel better and I changed my mind. I cracked silly jokes and I told her that even if you have got work pending and you don’t know how you’re going to manage with all of it, there can be no one but you yourself who can get you out of this.

So, there are situations when you are not willing to do work although it’s mandatory. So try doing it with things you love to do.

If you know your ups and you know your downs
Still you have got only pain to renounce
You can soar into the sky and everywhere bounce
Just a bit of optimism, and you’ll get only happiness to pronounce.

This is what Harry Potter and friends have taught me. Xoxo to the entire wizarding world 😘😘πŸ₯°

Value of a partner


A loving and trustworthy hand interlocked in yours and the whole world seems right!!

Value of a partner

This house is mine
Mine is this car
Everything I have
Even the most bizarre

Beauty I have got
And I have got brains
I will earn money
And soon I will buy trains

I will earn respect
And applause I will own
My certificates and achievements
Will soon be shown

I will buy great homes
And palaces with great domes
I will buy hotels
And innumerous saxophones

Luxury will be mine
The whole world will be mine
But I will never get a complement like you
Sooooo divine!!

The degree of sorrow

If you don’t remember anything good happening, was it because it never had happened? Or because you wished it hadn’t?

Right away I stood there,
As silent as mice
Feeling the gust of air
The absolute surmise.
The surmise of the road
The fear of the staring toad
The loneliness of waters
The feel of a travel by boat !!

I walked on and on and on
The road quiet and awfully scorn.
The immense feeling of asking
Why on this earth was I born?
Quite rightly Earth I didn’t adorn !!

I was at the utmost of self – loathing,
I didn’t want to see myself.
In my veins, pain roaring,
The contagious grief attacks, the minor explodings !!

There is no one sadder than me
My heart not a second did beat nonchalantly
Not a single sign of glee
I wanted to leave my soul, away I wanted to flee!!
O death! Please arrest me!!

I started screaming at the top of my voice
Bellowing with anger, my last choice
I had tripped on a stone
Rising from my body, sinking flies

I got up to tidy my half torn dress
My pain, sorrow and grief suppressed
I felt a thump in my heart ; the least addressed
A bashing striking beat in my chest
In front of me, I saw a very new guest

Half naked she was, eyes filled with blood
Her body was red, stained with mud
Her hair entangled more complexly than a grape vine
There were nails on her feet; a total of nine
Surrounded by atleast ants a thousand
To feed upon her whole body; they were abundant !!

Still in her eyes was a gloomy sparkle
On her skin, a fresh dazzle
There was a feeling of victory in her defeat
The whole forest seemed to be moaning for her !!

She raised up very slightly,
Her hands relaxing the pain in her chest,
Her legs tied in a shackle tightly
Her face lit with an expression of zest.

With the dullest appearance, she seemed the most beautiful to me.
Happiest in the saddest situations one could ever be.
Her smile explaining her interior gee,
Towards me, was staring she.

My face danced to display my doubt
And an understanding arising in her snout
And then came her undefinable bout
Which spoke silently ” I have to shout !!”

I nodded my head agreeing to her
I wanted to hear the bravest soul I had ever seen

A broader smile then appeared and in a clear hoarse voice, she said
” Your sadness is a gift. Don’t reject it, don’t rush it. Live it fully and use it as a fuel to change and grow.”

Her mere words changed my thoughts,
An upliftment of spirit they brought.
My loneliness and sorrow were soon shot.
My will suddenly became hypermobile,
Everything seemed warm as if in a cot.
I was ready for an absolute new start !!

Women: The colours of the world

Beauty lies within the blessed wombs

I dreamt of a woman clothed in white
Who had never taken any limelight
She worked in the office
Fought for love
Being more peaceful than a dove

I dreamt of a woman clothed in white
She bred her children
Cared for the men
She had the loveliest face
Not a single sign of grimace

I dreamt of a woman clothed in white
Not a tinge of sorrow she showed
Never spoke about a sad anecdote
She bore the most charming smile
Looking at her I would never get bored

Woman in white, black or even green
She adds colour to this world’s painting
She is bold, benign and the king
Of this kingdom of Kettering !!

Proud to be a girl !!!!!The future womanπŸ’β€β™€πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜

Nirbhaya : The fearless one

Some words don’t speakπŸ˜“

The very popular and completely unforgettable incident which moved india completely and made it open its eyes; Nirbhaya is here !!

Never hoped a movie will end with another end
Had never thought mankind would so much bend
They kicked, slapped, roared with laughter while they drained
All my happiness and bought me only pain
Removed every covering in which I was draped
They sucked my tears, spoilt my shape
Well the world calls it just a rape !!

Been filled completely with the life of the pie
When I had never thought that admiring his life, mine would die
I stepped into the bus of death
The biggest mistake I had ever made
Grinned at the driver, who had too much of hate
To end in the walls of misanthrope was my fate
But they call it just a rape !!

They bashed, whacked, stroke and hit me with their filth
But I still didn’t choose to lie there in stilth
I rose from envy dashed them out of rage
But their mere presence made me ask myself
β€œWhy do victories the path of evils chase ?”
Still, being killed by dangerous, ruthless, bewildered apes
Is called just a rape !!

My life changers

Thankyou all of you for making me who I am

Study study and study the whole day
Sit in the corner and write away
Be sincere; to teachers pray
Was the only business I had I must say

“What a quiet girl, she is?
Doesn’t let out a hiss
She listens to everyone
Even teaches her sis! “
Were the compliments I never missed

With all this on the verge of life when I went
I thought that I am so perfect, no one can dare to defend

The compliments remained the same
And so did my name
But for me, all had slowly started sounding insane
I wanted to proceed in the game

I did realise
That I had wasted too much of my ice
In brightening my soul through other people’s life
Enough was that sacrifice

Even God didn’t want to waste his creation so some fairies he sent
They accompanied me, they laughed with me
They had so much to talk about, other than just compliments

I recognized my boon
Not too very soon
I met my fairies
( in the form of baboons)

I learnt to accept failure, criticism I digested
I started to live my life, freely I breathed
Fun had replaced the amount of tears I used to shed

I smiled, I smirked; with laughter I roared
I attained joy; into the air I soared
I jumped; I changed my life’s scoreboard
There was no place to get bored

With all my heart and all my might
I devote my love to my sprites
Leaving them is my biggest fright
Withour their thoughts, I can’t imagine my nights

Thanks to all my dear friends, my lifechangers
Who turned me into something as good as this
Thank-you very much😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Lost in a book


When I have a book in my hand, I lose the track of the world. The air seems still and so does the world. It is just me with my bespectacled eyes staring into my treasure!!

The smell of the pages
The essence of the words
The feeling of a book
Is more free than that of being a bird

Having ink in your blood
Having a scent of literature
Being lost in a book
Is the best place be lost ; I consider

Travelling through a journey of love
Feeling more peaceful than a dove
Celebrating each moment
Inside the warmth of its gloves

Drinking a word on each hiccup
Swallowing warm phrases after each cough
Having a wholesome meal of books
And then giving off burps !!

Books create enchantments
They let you in a new world
Love they embody
Even if in a form, the most absurd.

So if I ever say that I love you the most,

It means that I mistook
You to be a book😜

The most wicked thing of the world

He dumped me, cut me into pieces
He bashed me, fed me to leeches
He didn’t pick up my single call
He laughed, and said, “Yeah ! I love it when you fall”

I still remember those nights I spent
When we had slept protecting each other
In a single tent
When my sorrow would become the reason for his tears
When my joy was always followed by his cheers
I loved him soothing my soul on my lips
A hand in my bushy hair
Another on my hips

He was ready to fight the World for me
Was ready to face any catastrophe
When he told me “I will kill anyone who even dares
To damage a single of my hair “

I cry through the nights
I am ensnared by fright
I light candles, never switch on lights

Please friends let this never come
Into your life and make it humdrum
It will mar your life, kill its spirit
It will never make you happy. Will it?

This little wicked thing
It spoilt my life
It broke me, it cut my wings
Through its cunning eyes, it only blinked
But it was more than enough to throw my relation ring
Yes, my friends it was misunderstanding!!