I am…

There are small things which we might think aren’t huge but they do make a difference in someone else’s life!

I am a waiter in a famous five star.
Called to serve food and pick up jars.
The customers I serve give me a few rupees for the tip
But that’s not what I’m concerned about by far!

There are people whom I’ve served for years,
There are couples whom I’ve seen in tears!
I have tried to contain myself all through this;
Focused on my work trying to ignore my ears.

But those voices roar inside me
“Waiter, a glass of water please!”
Andd.. sometimes it’s just
” Hey there! A pizza with extra cheese!”

I don’t know if it’s anger or shame
What I feel for my stupid games
Because I couldn’t even make myself worthy enough
Of people calling me by my name!


I have heard people blabbering all the time
About how each human’s character is unique and oh so fine!
What’s with this chatter anyway?
Cuz I haven’t discovered anything unique in mine!

I came to this earth like every chick out there.
Knew nothing about the wild competition and all the despair!
Been living my life like a pet locked up,
Running all the time for some fresh air.

What is so unique about this ordinary existence?
I haven’t blessed souls or created nuisance
Every evening, i just sit beside my window
And wonder about this stupid vengeance.

Vengeance against those who made me dream about this fake world,
Vengeance against those who said all I gotta to do is unfirl,
The hidden light inside this house
And discover the world changing girl!

I worked all day and through the nights
Lost beautiful people, landed into fights
What the hell was i going to find out
In just flesh and blood packed together alright!

This window today opens up to children dancing in the rain
A woman helping an oldie wincing in pain
And I see the pair of beautiful eyes stopping on another
And just the sight shows me I have made no gain.

Rather than shouting on kids for disturbing me in my work
Rather than running away from my first love
I could have tried to make someone happy
I didn’t always have to be that tough!

I should have spread roses of smiles
I should have said words that were nice
I should have taken a pause
And tried to actually live my life!

Love in my heart was just the key
Of discovering what was unique in me!
For love and humanity for others could have bought
Love for the best in myself for free!

Without a mask

Be careful who you pretend to be
You might forget who you really are
Show the true yourself to the world you see
Not everyone will want you to play a guitar

It’s okay if you don’t fit in the coolest group
You will definitely get the desired limelight
But there will always be a loophole
Cuz you will never get the desired delight.

Human nature is so diverse
You can be funny or strict or any other kind
Why then stick to a particular verse
Which people thought was the perfect design?

You can wear a mask and run away from truth
But mind you dear human wit
Truth is a pup running behind your foot
Who will stop running if you face it!

Your imperfections are totally wonderful
They will help you make it through
Cuz they make you perfect for someone
Yes, they do!

And now my dear humans
I would like to ask
Don’t you think you are better
Without a mask?

God purposefully made us all different from each other and all of us have different roles to play in the society but if we pretend to be someone whom we aren’t and imitate others just to fit in, the beautiful versitality of human behaviour will be lost.

We must accept each other and most importantly ourselves as who we are and become the best version of it, the world will definitely become a better place to live in!

The other way round

You said, I was always on the wrong
I always chose the bitter song
I didn’t even have a count of my mistakes
Cuz I knew numbers few and the list was so long!

I didn’t show up until the cafe closed
I didn’t even smile when you posed
I was a total maniac
Bit you with my coldness right when it snowed

There were a 100 times when I lied
Stung you with pines on my hide
You were totally tired of my tantrums
And that no one could ever be by my side

I wrecked you, ruined your life
I couldn’t make it through, chose the wrong stride
I broke something as precious as you
I pierced your heart with a knife.

But, you know what? I tried! I tried hard!!
I did think before playing each card
But it still didn’t work out
Probably you didn’t work just as hard

Accepted ! I wasn’t worth it!
But you didn’t necessarily have to say it
You could’ve stayed shut, given me time!
For all I know, you had greater wit.

In me, a 100 wrongs you found
Even at times I was sure I was profound
But you didn’t even give a single thought
That it could have been the other way round!

So buddy, bottom line – If you always keep counting the other person’s mistakes and blame someone else for everything that is going wrong, you will only break hearts, try to consider your own actions and understand other people’s problems as well! Only then will any of your relations with people be meaningful. TPWK!!!

To you <3

Heyo! There you are!!
Fitting perfectly in the melody of a guitar
So Glamorous, so shiny,
Seriously making me abhor a star!

Your eyes carry the sparks of your glorious past,
Your present self glows from your forgiving heart,
Your ethereal hands bear the lines of your future,
Your aura leaves me totally aghast!

You can make the dead plants bloom,
Turn mishap into fortune,
So blessed am I to have you around,
For every part of yours reflects the goodness in you!

For the best to happen you change your part
Rather than an end, you choose a new start.
I think the music inside me will soon be yours
For in these words I pour my heart!

<3 <3

A loving and trustworthy hand interlocked in yours and the whole world seems right!!

This house is mine
Mine is this car
Everything I have
Even the most bizarre

Beauty I have got
And I have got brains
I will earn money
And soon I will buy trains

I will earn respect
And applause I will own
My certificates and achievements
Will soon be shown

I will buy great homes
And palaces with great domes
I will buy hotels
And innumerous saxophones

Luxury will be mine
The whole world will be mine
But I will never get a complement like you
Sooooo divine!!

The degree of sorrow

If you don’t remember anything good happening, was it because it never had happened? Or just because you didn’t find it good ENOUGH?

Right away I stood there,
As silent as mice
Feeling the gust of air
The absolute surmise.
The surmise of the road
The fear of the staring toad
The loneliness of waters
The feel of a travel by boat !!

I walked on and on and on
The road quiet and awfully scorn.
The immense feeling of asking
Why on this earth was I born?
Quite rightly Earth I didn’t adorn !!

I was at the utmost of self – loathing,
I didn’t want to see myself.
In my veins, pain roaring,
The contagious grief attacks, the minor explodings !!

There is no one sadder than me
My heart not a second did beat nonchalantly
Not a single sign of glee
I wanted to leave my soul, away I wanted to flee!!
O death! Please arrest me!!

I started screaming at the top of my voice
Bellowing with anger, my last choice
I had tripped on a stone
Rising from my body, sinking flies

I got up to tidy my half torn dress
My pain, sorrow and grief suppressed
I felt a thump in my heart ; the least addressed
A bashing striking beat in my chest
In front of me, I saw a very new guest

Half naked she was, eyes filled with blood
Her body was red, stained with mud
Her hair entangled more complexly than a grape vine
There were nails on her feet; a total of nine
Surrounded by atleast ants a thousand
To feed upon her whole body; they were abundant !!

Still in her eyes was a gloomy sparkle
On her skin, a fresh dazzle
There was a feeling of victory in her defeat
The whole forest seemed to be moaning for her !!

She raised up very slightly,
Her hands relaxing the pain in her chest,
Her legs tied in a shackle tightly
Her face lit with an expression of zest.

With the dullest appearance, she seemed the most beautiful to me.
Happiest in the saddest situations one could ever be.

My face danced to display my doubt
And an understanding arose in her snout
And then came her undefinable bout
Which spoke silently ” I have to shout !!”

I nodded my head agreeing to her
I wanted to hear the bravest soul I had ever seen

A broader smile then appeared and in a clear hoarse voice, she said
” Your sadness is a gift. Don’t reject it, don’t rush it. Live it fully and use it as a fuel to change and grow.”

Her mere words changed my thoughts,
An upliftment of spirit they brought.
My loneliness and sorrow were soon shot.
My will suddenly became hypermobile,
Everything seemed warm as if in a cot.
I was ready for an absolute new start !!

Lost in a book


When I have a book in my hand, I lose the track of the world. The air seems still and so does the world. It is just me with my bespectacled eyes staring into my treasure!!

The smell of the pages
The essence of the words
The feeling of a book
Is more free than that of being a bird

Having ink in your blood
Having a scent of literature
Being lost in a book
Is the best place be lost ; I consider

Travelling through a journey of love
Feeling more peaceful than a dove
Celebrating each moment
Inside the warmth of its gloves

Drinking a word on each hiccup
Swallowing warm phrases after each cough
Having a wholesome meal of books
And then giving off burps !!

Books create enchantments
They let you in a new world
Love they embody
Even if in a form, the most absurd.

So if I ever say that I love you the most,

It means that I mistook
You to be a book😁